My name is – you guessed it – Kathleen McDonnell, and I write plays, fiction and non-fiction books. a good deal of which is aimed at young people. I think that kids today are hungry for big stories – not just the kind that teach them lessons or reflect their own lives back to them, but stories that allow them to experience danger, exhilaration and terror – the full range of human possibility. I have a particular interest in what I call girl-hero stories, because I think there still aren’t enough opportunities for girls to see themselves as the central character

I’m also a musician. I play and sing with several groups, and in kith&kin, a family trio with my daughters. Visit my MUSIC page to find out more.

What’s new

EmilyCover.inddIt’s here! My newest book Emily Included, has just been published by Second Story Press in Toronto. Fascinating and inspirational, Emily Included is based on the true story of Emily Eaton, whose fight to be educated in a regular classroom was a milestone for the rights of disabled people in Canada. For ordering information click link

The script of my play The New Mother is now available on my website. This one-act play based on a haunting gothic fairy tale has echoes of Hansel and Gretel. In the January 18, 2010 issues ofThe New Yorker, Neil Gaiman talks about how he drew inspiration for his novel Coraline from the original story by the Victorian writer Lucy Lane CliffordClick here to download a copy of my script of The New Mother. You can contact me via email for more background and information about performance rights..

The novels in my fantasy trilogy The Notherland Journeys are now available for download as ebooks. The Songweavers, the latest in the series, tells a magical story about music, weaving and the origins of the universe (yes, really).

The Songweavers, which is the third book in the Notherland journey series by Kathleen McDonnell, is a fantasy based in many interesting and imaginative worlds which the author describes as parocosms. McDonnell manages to develop these several strands of her story through skillful writing. Each character is well developed, and the reader develops sympathy for each of their stories… This is a challenging novel for those children who appreciate different forms of literature and the interplay of symbols and imagery.”

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